Best 10 Military Schools for Girls in the USA

Military schools for girls in the USA are very respected, they teach academics and also involve their students in military training.

Military schools were first established in the 18th century to train future officers. Initially, women were not allowed in the military, now there are military academies for both males and females, and both genders are expected to follow the same rules and regulations which must be strictly obeyed, and also achieve the same high level of excellence.

Most of these military schools are private and independent, though the are some public ones that are free but they are very rare. Also, we have written on free military schools for troubled youths around the United States in case you are looking for one.


A military school can be said to be an institute of learning that prepares candidates for service in the officer’s corp.

Types of military school

These are the two levels of military education:

Pre-college institutions

This is the level that teaches students of various ages [elementary school, middle school, or high school in a military environment. Many of these schools are boarding schools and are either run by private institutions or the state.

Adult institutions

This is the college-level military academy.


There are lots of reasons a parent may decide to send their child to a military school; A child who decides to pursue a career in the military could join the military school. Military schools also instill leadership skills in people, not just leadership skills but other attributes like integrity, loyalty, courage, and above all excellence.

Military schools could also help with personal growth and development that helps a person achieve their goals. Military schools can also help with troubled youths and these schools also help in building self-esteem all these benefits and more combined with academic excellence help to create incredible individuals.


Tuition fee differs in different military schools in the US depending on different factors like reputation, facilities, programs, and location. Military schools pay an average of $25000 -$50000 yearly which doesn’t include other expenses. Some military schools offer different types of financial aid to students to assist in their education.


Here are some of the best military schools in the United States that you can send your girl child;

#1. New York Military Academy

School fees: $36,000-$39,590

This is one of the oldest military schools in the US. It is a private, international boarding school located at 78 Academy Ave, Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY 12520, United States.

It was founded by Charles Jefferson Wright in the year 1889 as an all-boys school.

Female students were later accepted in the year 1975. It has graduated over 10,000 students including one president. New York Military Academy is selective and admits only 50% of students who apply to join.

#2. George Washington Carver military academy

Originally known as George Washington Carver Area High School, it was established in the year 1947 and was later transformed into a military school in the year 2000. It is situated at 13100 South Doty Avenue Chicago Illinois 60827 United States.

Carver military academy attempts to be the top-ranking college prep academy in the state.

#3. Oakland Military Institute

Oakland military school was founded in the year 2001, and it is situated at 3877 Lusk St, Oakland, CA 94608. It is a public military school that accepts students from grades 6 through 12. The school functions through the public charter school system.

The school also includes sports programs for female and male students to help boost healthy minds and bodies.

#4. Maine Military Academy

Maine Military Academy is a public school and military prep for girls and boys. Students who graduate from this school are not obligated to go into the military.

It is located in Castine, Maine, and was founded in the year 1941.

MMA also offers many financial aid options to aid students.

#5. Massanutten Military Academy

School fees: $20,000-$45,000

MMA is also a military prep school that introduces students from as early as 5th grade till one academic postgraduate year to military life. MMA was founded in the year 1899 at Woodstock Virginia.

MMA’s first Graduating class consisted of male and female students, which made the school well-known for admitting female students. Students also earn money through scholarships which helps them further in college.

#6. California Military Institute

This is a preparatory school for colleges founded in the year 2003. It provides an academic and military environment for girls from grades 5 through 12 with strong leadership role models to follow.

It is located at 755 N A St, Perris, CA 92570.

#7. Randolph-Macon Academy

School fees: $20,930-$55,767

This a private military school founded in the year 1892 that accepts students from different cultures from grades 6 through 12. Its acceptance rate is 86% of all its applicants.

Randolph Macon Academy is known as one of the best military schools with an average SAT score of 1485.

#8. Pheonix military academy

This is a public military school located at 145 S Campbell Ave, Chicago, IL 60612. It was founded in the year 2004.

Phoenix Military Academy helps to encourage students to become responsible and have a clear vision of their goals.

#9. SUNY maritime academy

School fees:$5,911-$22,501

SUNY Maritime is known as the largest maritime in the US. Military school for girls is part of the State University of New York education system.

SUNY Maritime Academy was founded in 1874 and is situated at  6 Pennyfield Ave, The Bronx, NY 10466.

SUNY Maritime Academy offers programs for graduates and undergraduates.

SUNY Maritime Academy accepts students with a 3.0 GPA or better. SUNY Maritime Academy accepts only sixty-seven percent of students who apply.

#10. Franklin Military Academy

This is a military prep school founded in the year 1980, which accepts grades from 9 through 12. It is located at  701 North 37th Street, Richmond, VA 23223. This is the first public military school in the USA.

Aside from academics and military training, girls also participate in varieties of sports.



In conclusion, this article has listed a few military schools that females could go to in the United States. These schools do not just focus on academics but also help a girl child build self-discipline and develop strong leadership skills.

Most military schools equip young women with the skills they need to pursue successful careers in the military or as civilians. For parents who are thinking of the military as a choice for their girl child, it is important to do proper research and find out the one that suits the child’s goals best.


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