How does image-to-text technology make data entry work easier?

Is your data entry job tiring and your boss reprimands you if you make mistakes? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data you have to enter in a short period? 

Then don’t go any further because we have the solution for all of your problems. 

Data entry has become a child’s play these days with the help of image-to-text converters. These tools are available online and they help users in digitizing any text or enter data quickly and accurately. 

In this guide, we will discuss an image-to-text converter, how an AI image-to-text converter works, and some necessary features of the photo-to-text converter online. 

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What is an AI Image-to-Text Converter?

AI image-to-text converter has gained much importance because AI algorithms allow it to work better than ordinary OCR tools. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, AI OCR models extract text from images with great accuracy.

The photo-to-text converter online is also swift in processing and extracts data in just a few seconds compared to the human typist it works at the speed of light. Some AI photo-to-text converter online can work with various languages which is a great characteristic. 

How does image-to-text technology make data entry work easier?

How Does an AI Image-to-Text Converter Work? is better at extracting text from images. It is because AI technology gives the tool its intelligence, which enhances the ability to extract the text using OCR models. Thus the text extracted is 100% similar to the original text in the image. 

Most image-to-text converters work similarly. Here we use an AI image-to-text converter that can copy text from images online for free. We will discuss the steps to use a photo-to-text converter online using the below:

1. Open the Tool:

Open the AI image to the text extractor. You can use any tool at your disposal. For instance, we are using here. Just make sure to get an AI image-to-text converter. 

image to text converter

2. Upload the Images:

Upload the image or images you want to extract the text from. Different tools offer different uploading options. For instance, this tool provides 3 uploading options:

  • CTRL+V = copy and paste
  • Browse = upload a photo from the computer
  • Drag and Drop = Drag the picture and drop it on the input box.

extract text from images

3. Extract Text:

Now click the button to extract the text. There can be “Get text”, “Extract” or “Copy text” buttons for initiating the extraction processing. For instance, our tool here has a “Get text” button.

image to text extractor

4. Tally the Text:

The text will be extracted in just a couple of seconds if you are using an AI image-to-text extractor. Tally the text extracted with the original text to ensure accuracy. 

5. Save the Text: 

Copy the text and paste it on the desired file or download it if there is an option for that. For instance, in this tool, we can copy the text by clicking the clipboard icon and paste the text on the required document. 

ai image to text

Follow these simple steps and make your data entry job easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

What are the Necessary Features of an Image-to-Text Converter?

After knowing the importance of an image-text extractor and understanding how it is used to copy text from images online, it is time to look at some necessary features of an image-to-text extractor which must be present in it to be called a good OCR tool.

1. AI Technology:

The OCR tool you choose to extract text from images should have AI technology because AI OCR tools work better and provide accurate results in text extraction. 

2. Multilingual:

The image-to-text extractor should be multilingual so that it can extract text in various languages. You are not only required to copy text from images online in English language but also in many other languages so, make sure the tool is multilingual and can extract text in your native language as well.

multilingual image to text

3. Multiple Image:

The tool must be able to extract multiple images at a time. So the user will provide the input once and the tool will immediately extract the text.

Convert image into text

4. FREE:

The OCR tool you are going for should be free because many good OCR tools are available online, so never go for a paid tool.

5. Privacy & Security:

The tool should maintain your privacy and security i.e. you can work on it anonymously and your data is secured. Data security is important, you don’t want the company to sell your data online or publicize it because it can be confidential information about you or your company.

6. Image Formats:

The tool should support various image formats because it is pretty hard to convert your picture to a specific format before using the OCR tool. In case the picture format is not acceptable, it will show an error.

7. Handwritten Text Extraction:

The tool you are using must be able to extract handwritten text from the images. Only good quality tools can extract handwritten text and it is an important feature, we are not only required to enter printed information but also written information.

Extract text from an image

8. Distorted Text Extraction:

The tool that can extract text from a distorted, blurry, or low-resolution image is a worthy one. Because sometimes your phone camera is not good or the pictures have low resolution, thus the tool you are choosing must be able to extract blurry text accurately.

get text from image online

Key Takeaways:

Data entry and digitization of physical text have become easier with the help of image-to-text technology. However, there are certain factors that you must keep in mind before choosing the right OCR tool for you. This guide has given you complete information about the OCR tools, how they are used and what are the factors upon which you judge and select a tool for yourself.

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