Top Best 10 Medical Schools in Pakistan 2023

Talking about medical schools in Pakistan, As the mother is the first shelter for the child so the school is the first education for the student school is the first door that opens for a child to acquire knowledge. If knowledge is related to human life and the health of a person it is not only the cause of his honor in this world but also his reward hereafter.

So let’s explain something about those medical schools. when we talk about something we always prefer the best one so here we will explain the best medical schools in Pakistan.

List of Medical Schools in Pakistan

1. The agha khan medical college Karachi

academic institutes are ranked according to standardized criteria of their performance. The agha khan medical university is one of the best global universities it is ranked #473 .it was established in 1983 .it is affiliated with HEC PMC CAP JCI.

Loyalty and devotion of faculty, students and staff is the bedrock of the quality of education of the university. AKU Faculty has won many awards for their hard work, devotion, and excellence. Recently on the occasion of Pakistan’s independence on 14-8-2022 the president of Pakistan doctor Arif Alvi awarded the civil award Tamgha -e-Imtiaz to the faculty of AKU madam Farah Qamar in recognition of her services in public health. she is a consultant pediatrician.

AKU programs, curricula, and assessments are developed to international standards they aim to develop such clinical competencies in communities and hospitals. It aims to provide the best healthcare facilities.

2.  King Edward Medical University Lahore

King Edward university situated in Lahore is a public university it was established as the Lahore medical college in 1860 it gets number fifth in south Asia by old reckoning. it was renamed Lahore medical college on 21 -12-2.

medical schools in pakistan
Medical Schools in Pakistan

This university ranks second in terms of HEC.

This medical university is clearly distinguished for its excellent quality of education. the university offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in the field of medicine.

The  Dow University of Health sciences Karachi

The dow university of health sciences Karachi is ranked the third number due to its outstanding performance in the list of medical universities it is counted among the oldest medical universities in the public sector of Pakistan. its establishment is older than Pakistan in 1945.

4.   Isra University

Isra university was established as a private medical university in 1997 with only 30 students in the beginning but after research in 2016, it was found that more than 3,500 students are studying at the university. it is located in Hyderabad 5 km f from Hyderabad.

5.   Zia-ud-Din University.

This is a self-explanatory university of Pakistan it is located in Karachi Sindh. this university is a  masterpiece of a daughter and son-in-law established in 1986 in the memory of a father sir dr Ziauddin Ahmed. The creation of Dr. Ziauddin Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences was approved by the Sindh government in 1994.

6   Khyber Medical University, Peshawar

This university is also ranked number 5 by HEC due to an equal score to dr Ziauddin university Karachi. it is located in Peshawar Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. this university is considered as oldest and most prestigious because its motto is service to humanity. it is established in 1954 .according to research 287 students are enrolled every year in this university.

7.   Baqai Medical University

The founders of this university. Dr. Fariduddin Baqai and his wife Dr. Zahida Baqai were medical practitioners and surgeons who had been educated in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. They started to practice in Karachi, after their struggle, dedication, and going through many stages this university was established in 1989. The motto is the education of modern health and sciences, to serve humanity.

8.   Liaquat University of Medical and Health  Sciences,                                         Jamshoro  Sindh.

The Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) was established in 1881,141 years ago it is the oldest university among the universities so far. it was started with 20 students and imparted the training of licentiate physicians. The type of this university is a medical education and research institution. It is famous for its nickname LUMHS and crystal clear motto Gateway to a brighter future. 

9.   University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

This university was established with a mission of improvement of health care delivery to the community in 2002,  it is internationally recognized and was inaugurated by former president of Pakistan General Pervez Musharaf. The university was placed number two in the latest HEC ranking.

10  Gandhara University, KPK

This university was established in 2002 and is located in Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. this university provides specialized training in the health sciences. In October 1995, the university was recognized by the Higher Education commission.


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