Engineering Schools In Canada

Top 6 Engineering Schools In Canada With Scholarships Today

We have decided to update you about the best engineering schools in Canada that also provide scholarships for both citizens and international students.

Engineering had contributed a lot to the global economy, engineers have made the world a beautiful place to live through the invention and innovation of modern technologies which are currently helping man today.

Engineers are known for their creative and imaginative ideas which make them turn dreams into reality.

Globally engineering schools in Canada are mostly rated as the world’s best schools where students can acquire the best and standard knowledge regarding engineering, Canada today ranks 4th among the countries with the highest number of international students with a population of 435,415 international students.

As a student that is aspiring to study engineering in one of the engineering schools in Canada, you have to put in all your best, work hard, develop your passion, and grow your zeal, because if engineering was to be an easy-going course it won’t be in the list of world best courses and engineers won’t be respected like unlike it’s being done today.

Canada itself is a well-known popular country and also one of the best places to study without regret on this planet earth.

In Canada, there’s no centralized ministry of education, because of that its system of education is fairly complicated. Each of the country’s ten provinces and three territories controls its education systems autonomously, under the independent jurisdictional authority.

Any certificate that is offered by Canadian institutions is meant to be globally accepted and recognized by both institutions and employees, Studying and graduating in Canada gives you the full confidence to enter any educational institution once you have your certificate.

Top Engineering Schools in Canada

After going into deep research, we were able to fish out the 10 best engineering schools in Canada that currently offers scholarships to both its citizens and international students. Below are the brief details about these schools and their scholarship updates.

1. The University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Toronto is one of the best engineering schools in Canada both in research, invention, and innovative training, the university faculty of engineering has grown over time, they have now opened a wider range of modern engineering programs, developing new technologies, building more facilities, a broader global perspective, many more and different community of scholars, researchers, faculties, industrial collaboration, and staff.

This engineering faculty was established in 2009, and since then they have produced and employed thousands of students, this faculty has also produced an annual report to track its vision laid out in its academic plan. These reports are said to be a data-rich, systematic examination of the faculty, educational programs, research, and co-curricular ambitions.

The University of Toronto is a university that encourages and helps in bringing out the potential in students, this is a university that every student in the world will like to enroll in.

The University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Scholarships Awards

Annually the University of Toronto awards scholarships to its students who desire to study an engineering course at the university, Below are the scholarship awards offered by the University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

  1. C.J. Dick and Ruth A. Sprenger Scholarship for Mature Students in Engineering: This award is only for the Canadian citizen or permanent residents who are entering 1st year of Computer or Electrical Engineering this set of people must a full-time Mature Students, and the individuals that are likely to win this scholarship awards are those who have been in the workforce for some years, the scholarship is meant to be renewed after 2-4 years based on the academic merit.
  2. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Admission Awards: This award is only available for students who submitted the UTAPS Online Estimator on or before 28th February. This award is not for international students it’s only available for the residents of Ontario based on their financial need status and academic achievement. The maximum value worth of this scholarship is $10,000.
  3. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Admission Scholarships: This scholarship award is made available to both citizens and international students, there is no special application method required once a student applies for an engineering course at the University of Toronto he/she is automatically considered for the scholarship award. The Maximum value worth of this scholarship is $7,000 for Canadian students, while $5,000 for international students.
  4. Stanley Timoshek Scholarship in Engineering: Incoming students from Poland are the only ones eligible for this scholarship based on their academic accomplishments.
  5. University of Toronto Engineering Entrance Scholarship for Indigenous Students: The indigenous of Canada are the only ones entitled to this award and it is made achievable based on the student’s performance.
  6. University of Toronto Engineering International Scholarships: This scholarship is very much available for all international students, But before that, the applicants are highly encouraged to make sure they complete the financial information section of the online student profile to qualify for consideration. The maximum value worth of this scholarship is $25,000 and it is to be renewed after 4 years.
  7. University of Toronto Engineering Entrance Scholarship for Black Students: Only the domestic scholars identified as blacks are entitled to this particular award regarding their academic status or performance and provided information on the student’s online student profile. The scholarship award is worth $10,000 and it is renewable after 4 years.

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2. McGill University, Faculty of Engineering

This Faculty was established in 1931, the McGill University. The faculty of engineering is known as one of the world’s best engineering schools in Canada, and the faculty is known as one of the finest engineering schools in Canada and also in the world at large.

So far this school of engineering has been producing Noble Prize-winning and world-class leaders in all of its fields, they have even produced many Architectures and Urban Planners who have greatly contributed to the global development.

Writing and editing could not have been possible if not for the great effort of Moreen Torpy by gathering all the necessary materials, although she was able to achieve that through the help of some professional engineers, Professor Emeritus Tom Pavlásek, whose firsthand knowledge of the Faculty was not only comprehensive but have interesting qualities, much like the man himself.

The main aim of providing this scholarship award is to encourage students who desire to study engineering at McGill University and support them with financial help and scholarships.

McGill University, Faculty of Engineering Scholarships Awards

Below are the scholarships and financial support opportunities available to all undergraduate scholars under the faculty of engineering, this scholarship is usually repeated annually.

  1. Entrance Scholarships: This scholarship was created as an extension program of entrance awards to encourage, recognize and honor academic excellence, the Only students who are going for a full-time undergraduate degree program and also the ones entering the university for the first time are eligible for this scholarship award. This scholarship value range is from $3000 to $10,000 per year and it is renewable.
  2. Internal Undergraduate School Scholarships: This was established in 2011, it is meant for outstanding undergraduate scholars who have at least completed one year of a BEng program in the faculty of Engineering. It is always given to the best student in the faculty of engineering.
  3. External Undergraduate Scholarships: This scholarship award is only available to a graduate of an engineering program at the Canadian University who has completed her bachelor’s degree, moreover this scholar must be a woman. The award maximum value worth is $30,000 and it is not renewable.
  4. Bursaries and Loans: This loan is only for the student who is financially challenged, they can be able to further their education by applying for it which they will later refund in due time.

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3. University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering

Many students want to get admission to Waterloo and some also want to be offered a scholarship, especially international students.

When the Waterloo school of engineering came into existence in 1957, only 74 engineering students were admitted with co-operative education as its cornerstone. But presently, as we may have it Waterloo university has over 42,000+ scholars attending yearly, Waterloo university is said to be #1 among the engineering schools in Canada for experiential teaching and employer-student links.

Waterloo University was built to raise great powerful technicians who contribute greatly to the development of the world and created more technologies to help human life and create businesses, employ workers, and also save people from poverty.

The Waterloo Engineering faculty is among the largest faculty is among the best and largest engineering schools in Canada and it is dedicated to direct engineering teaching, research, innovation, and creativity.

The University of Waterloo, Faculty of Engineering Scholarships Awards

Waterloo University created the scholarship award to celebrate, recognize and encourage students’ excellence and achievements, the award is basically for both citizens and international students who perform greatly in the field of engineering. Below are scholarships advisable for students to apply for.

  1. President’s Scholarship of Distinction: This is always available in early May to students admitted to full-time 1st-year degree studies and also those who will be entering post-secondary research in September for the first time. The maximum value worth of this scholarship award is $2,000.
  2. President’s Scholarships: This award is also available to fresher who just got admission into the university to study full-time 1st-year degree at Waterloo. The scholarship maximum value worth is $2,000.
  3. International Students Entrance Scholarships: International students are the ones entitled to this scholarship award and they must be admitted to a 1st-year full-time undergraduate degree course. Individuals can be considered for this award regarding their academic qualifications and it’s also meant for computer engineering students. The value worth of this scholarship is $10,000.
  4. Schulich Leader Scholarship: This scholarship is mostly available for students offered admission to courses like Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math, this individual must have the zeal to pursue a profession in technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, or business enterprise, and applied scientific research. And He/She must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. The maximum value worth of this scholarship is $80,000 to $100,000.

In case you more information about the above scholarships, visit the school’s

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4. University of British Columbia Engineering

The University of British Columbia Engineering is one of the engineering schools in Canada that gives out scholarships and financial aid to its applicants, this award presentation is repeated yearly by the University of Columbia to encourage and celebrate the best students in the university.

The University of British Columbia donates $30 million yearly to celebrate its outstanding scholars and encourage other students to put more effort into their academic activities.

The University of British Columbia, Faculty of Engineering Scholarship Awards

Below is the list of available scholarships at the University of British Columbia under the faculty of engineering.

  1. Schulich Leader Scholarships: This scholarship award is made for all the students in Canada who demonstrate merit in academics, leadership, creativity, and charisma, The students must be admitted for the following courses; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM). This award was established by Canadian Business leader and philanthropist Seymour Schulich and is organized by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.
  2. International Major Entrance Scholarship: This IMES award is only for exceptional International students aspiring for undergraduate courses at the University of British Columbia, This scholarship is normally presented to students during their 1st-year at the University of British Columbia, it is also renewable after 3 additional years. For a student to qualify for this scholarship award he/she must be new to the university and must be entering directly from secondary school, You must also have a student visa as an international student that you are and must not by any means change your citizenship status because it will affect your scholarship award.
  3. Outstanding International Students Award: Students who deserve this award will be selected after they have been admitted to the University of British Columbia, although the OIS award is a one-time award given only after your admission into the school. The students selected for this award practice strength academically, and morally, and display a commitment outside of the lecture room.

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5. The University of Alberta, Faculty of Engineering

The University of Alberta is known to be among the best and greatest institutions in the world according to the global ranking, the University appears to be one of the best schools in Canada and also among the top 5 engineering schools in Canada due to its commitment to the academic excellence of its students.

This school was established to train and educate students on the importance of engineering and also to produce world notable scholars who greatly contribute to the development and creation of modern equipment, technologies, and machines that are likely to support human life and also make the world a better place to live for the sake of our unborn generations.

The University of Alberta is not only concerned about the academic well-being of its students, but it also created various scholarship awards to ginger and encourages its scholars to do more regarding their academic activities and research.

The University of Alberta, Faculty of Engineering Scholarship Awards

Below we have provided a list of scholarship awards offered at the University of Alberta,

  1. Entrance Scholarship Awards: This scholarship is for students who are entering the first year within the faculty of engineering from secondary school or who must enter with less than 24 post-secondary transfer credits. These awards are very much renewable and the institution has hundreds of these Entrance awards available to the engineering students with the best academic performance and it’s only for students that are new to the university. The value range of this scholarship is from $1,000 to $50,000
  2. Scholarship Awards for Continuing Students: This scholarship is made for students who have completed at least one engineering program and still want further their education in the faculty of engineering. The office of the registrar and student awards also provide scholarships and financial aid for continuing candidates. The estimated value of this award is $10,o00.
  3. Scholarship Awards for graduate students: The Faculty of Engineering’s financial support is more than abundant totaling $20.4 million for only graduate students as of the 2015/2016 academic session, This is one uncommon scholarship in all the engineering schools in Canada. Graduate scholars have been allowed to access financial assistance via many sources, both school fees support, lecturing assistantships, research assistantship, and so on.

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The University of McMaster, Faculty of Engineering

This University was created to help contribute to the development, nurturing, and building of a better future for us and our generations to come, the school of engineering is committed to the race of excellence and also plays a significant part in helping McMaster University retain its reputation and respect as one of the best and innovative universities in Canada.


The University of McMaster, FAculty of Engineering Scholarship Awards

  1. Future International Undergraduate Students Award: This award was created to help international students who seem to be financially challenged, it helps them in terms of school fees, cost of living, and scholarships. This particular scholarship is available for all international students aspiring for any engineering course at one of the best engineering schools in Canada (University of McMaster).
  2. Engineering Research Experience Award: This award is only eligible for students who obtained the best marks in their 1st-year at McMaster University, This set of people just spends their summer working under professors, researchers, and entrepreneurs across campus to obtain more valuable work experience and to expand a network of connections to grow their profession.

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Engineering Schools In Canada


Above is the list of the best Engineering Schools in Canada, We advise you to visit the school’s main website for more clarification, and in case if interested in applying for anyone make you abide by the university’s rules and regulations to avoid issues. Thanks, we promise to continue providing legit information on scholarship updates.



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