10 Best Nintendo GameCube ROMS That Will Warm Your Nostalgia For Students

In this article, we will be showing students the best Nintendo GameCube ROMS That Will Warm Your Nostalgia. Picture yourself going home exhausted from work. You would try to relax on your couch while you take a trip down memory lane to your finest childhood plays.

Of course, who would not forget the simpler era of video games? With the rivalry of the biggest companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to produce game consoles, also came waves of players to purchase these smash hits. One of the best video game developers made its mark in the industry with their very own Nintendo GameCube.

Selling about 20 million units worldwide, GameCube has yet to branch its potential for future generations of consoles. Although discontinued in 2007, this tiny yet innovative piece will be remembered fondly by Nintendo fanatics all over the world. Warm your nostalgia with the ultimate list of the best Nintendo GameCube ROMs of all time.

10 Best Nintendo GameCube ROMS That Will Warm Your Nostalgia for Students

Here are the top 10 Best Nintendo GameCube ROMS That Will Warm Your Nostalgia that will spice up your school life as a student.

1.    Resident Evil 4 – Disc #1

Be transported to another dimension with this legendary game series, Resident Evil 4. Six years after his first journey, U.S Agent Leon S. Kennedy takes on a top-secret mission to find Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter. Experience the thrill in a third-person perspective as you go your way in a remote location set in Europe, where new and electrifying challenges await. 

2.    Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee earned success with its staple fighting gameplay featuring 26 characters, 12 originals, and 14 others to unlock as you level up. They are equipped with skills and controller combos ready to conquer their enemies. Melee stands solid ground as it can be played in multiplayer mode, adventure mode, and a special mode that you will certainly find joyful with your friends and family.

3.    Super Mario Sunshine

Go into the awesome universe of Super Mario Sunshine, one of the best Nintendo games. Mario, Peach, and her friends fly to Isle Delfino for summer vacation. Little do they know that an adventure surrounds the island. Mario’s look-alike derailed the place, and now Mario is accused of doing it. With his water cannon, Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device, or FLUDD, Mario goes in for another adventure.

4.    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Nintendo introduces a new chapter to the series Legend of Zelda. Join the protagonist, Link as he sets out to find his sister Aryll kidnapped by a hideous avian. You must take Link to heights of obstacles and puzzles amid the vast seas. Battle monsters with whorls of excitement to be the ultimate Wind Waker, the power to control the winds.

5.    Mario Kart Double Dash

When it comes to a stirring and bubbly racing game, we immediately think of Mario Kart. Drift your way as you collect coins and defeat your opponents as the first player to finish laps. Double the fun means double your characters on a single kart. One that will ace the driving, and another that will steal the shine. Read, set, go!

6.    Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess

Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess embarks on action and fantasy galore. As Link, you are transformed into a wolf, together with Midna, an eccentric being. Link, Midna, and Zelda go for a mission in a faraway land named Hyrule, to defeat bosses and to finally earn the hand of the twilight princess.

7.    Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

Unleash your inner swashbuckler in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Restore peace in the face of an evil organization, Cipher. Set five years after Pokemon Colosseum, Michael takes on a quest to the world of Shadow Pokemon. Make your way as a trainer thwarting the wicked. You gotta catch them all!

8.    Luigi’s Mansion

Jam-packed with spirits and ghosts, Luigi’s Mansion is in for a treat. Luigi is in a whole lot of spooky experience with his handy vacuum cleaner as he explores all ninety rooms of his house. Be able to capture fun gameplay while trying not to bite your nails out of nervousness. 

9.    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

It is no doubt that Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door acclaims to be one of the best games ever published. You are in for a silly yet captivating animation of Mario and friends. Collect hammers, toys, and weapons as you solve crimes and fix the neighborhood. Dare to open the doors of amusement to levels of insane tactics.

10.  Need for Speed: Most Wanted

With fierce graphics and feisty characters, Need for Speed: Most Wanted speaks for itself. Against other players, take up your advantage to be the champion of the race. Use your drifting techniques, no-matching wits, and your competitive vibe in the course of speeds. Fasten your seatbelts because you’re in for a rough ride!



Nintendo GameCube is indeed ahead of its time with its compelling display of games. In just 15 years, the video game industry boomed and surprised millions of people. Modern game predecessors have etched a benchmark in our childhood, from silly characters to spooky overtones. That was a wrap! If you are still looking for the best Nintendo games, look no further!


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