10 Best Online Music Certificate Programs

Online music certificate programs teach you how to use industry-standard musical production instruments to produce, modify, and release unique melodies. There are several possibilities accessible, and it can be tough to go through the various programs and decide what is worthwhile for your time and money.

We chose suitable online certificate programs based on reputation, pricing, quality of education, certification, and other pertinent aspects.

We’ve examined the 10 best online music certificate programs to help you narrow down your options and thus make it less strenuous for you.

What Is An Online Music Certificate?

The online music certificate is offered completely online and includes online music courses created to provide the student with the skills and training (online rehearsals) they need to further their musical, recording, and engineering abilities. The online music certificate program is designed for the intermediate instrumentalist who also wishes to gain knowledge in the field of recording and engineering in order to create opportunities in this 21st-century music industry.

Online Music Certificate Programs

Online music certificate programs are referred to as courses of study offered online. Students will graduate with the knowledge and abilities necessary for success in the music industry. It is an excellent method to build experience in a certain sector, boost your resume, and enhance your career.

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Colleges and universities often offer a program that is designed to be completely and totally online. Musical theoretical terms, history, and performances are among the courses covered in the coursework. Students are often eligible to opt for professions as music teachers, performers, or composers after completing the program.

Students in online music certificate programs may be required to complete hands-on experiences alongside or in addition to the fundamental coursework such as writing and performing original songs or offering musical sessions to other students. Students may also have the opportunity to work with other musicians and artists as well as attend concerts and events, as part of the program.

How To Study Music Online?

Music brings life to the universe. It is in fact the universal language of mankind. There are many ways to study music online. It is very necessary to choose to take online certificate programs or courses.

Let’s now find out how one can get to study music online. There are popular online music certificate programs that can offer you a chance to study music and in fact, bring your dreams to reality.

What Are Ways You Can Study Music Online?


Connecting with a private music instructor via online communication and coaching is equivalent to meeting with a teacher in person. This technique has both advantages and disadvantages; on the bright side, an online teacher is experienced and understands precisely what you want to study.

They also allow you to ask questions while you learn, which allows you to comprehend the principles during the course. This will benefit you while you continue practicing outside of sessions.

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Video tutorials provide a sort of middle ground between paying an online tutor and the simplicity and flexibility of teaching oneself. A video usually has a certified tutor who walks you through the process step by step. Because the videos are pre-recorded, you’re able to stop and think, replay, and replay them at your leisure.

However, you cannot ask the teacher a question during the video (unless they are conducting a live class). However, you may obtain further assistance by writing them a note or rating their work.


Musical-learning applications on a smartphone or mobile device are excellent for studying music from anywhere. In broad terms, they allow you to accomplish things in a step-by-step manner, charting your progress over time.

Apps additionally enable you to go back and practice tasks you’ve already accomplished, allowing you to repeat them until you perfect them!


There are numerous online music certificate programs that cover various musical subjects. You can acquire knowledge about the theory of music, particular musical instruments, how to sing and play tailored songs, and a lot more. The benefit of taking a course is that you can usually learn entirely at your own pace. You can go over topics as frequently as you desire and work as slow or fast as you want.

Some popular online platforms that offer music programs include Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and edX. They offer courses in music theories, history, production, and performance.

How To Get A Music Certificate?

Many students and professionals are interested in obtaining a music certificate. Learning is a continuous process that never ends. Every day, we are exposed to different things that people are doing all over the world, and in order to create or recreate, we must keep the windows of our minds, hearts, ears, and eyes open.

In fact, we must keep all of our senses alert and open at all times in order to experience and learn. Individuals can study music either at a university or online. It is best to enroll in a music certificate program online. This post will discuss the top ten online music certificate programs.

Keep reading to find out how you can get your music certificate. Well, this is simply by enrolling in this online music certificate program. Trust me, these views are completely unbiased. Get yourself a glass of wine or juice and keep scrolling.

10 Best Online Music Certificate Programs

If you are interested in getting a music certificate program online it is important to do your research and compare your options to note which would satisfy your needs. There is good news. This article has made everything easy as it explains in detail the 10 best online music certificate programs.

List Of 10 Best Online Music Certificate Programs

  • Berklee Online – Music Theory 101
  • Coursera – Fundamentals Of Music Theory
  • Udemy – Music Production In Logic Pro X
  • edX – Introduction To Music Theory
  • FutureLearn – How To Make A Song, Writing Lyrics And Music
  • Skillshare – Music Theory For Beginners
  • OpenLearn – Understanding Musical Scores
  • Udemy – Music Theory Comprehensive
  • Coursera – Jazz Improvisation
  • MasterClass – Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production


The principles of music theory are covered in the online course “Music Theory 101” from Berklee College of Music. The lesson is geared towards beginners and covers topics like notation, scales, chords, and key signatures.

The course contains video lectures, tests, and assignments and is instructed by faculty from Berklee College of Music. Students who complete the course will have a firm understanding of music theory. Numerous pupils learned music theory from Professor Emeritus Paul Schmeling, who also helped them develop a strong foundation in music theory.

After completing this course, you will:

  1. Recognize and use music notation

2. Play notes on a keyboard for a piano

3. Utilize chords, intervals, and scales

4. Create a tune

The tuition fee for this great course is just about $1500 with 3 credit units. Do not miss out on this great opportunity as the next semester would be starting on the 23rd of September. A great fortune is in store for you.


The University of Edinburgh through Coursera is the provider of some online music certificate programs. One of the courses offered is “Fundamentals of Music Theory,” which introduces students to the fundamentals of music theory.

This course which was updated in 2022, will give you an introduction to music theory and equip you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to read and write Western music notation as well as to comprehend, evaluate, and listen to music with clarity.

Aspects including pitches and scales, intervals, clefs, rhythm, form, meter and time signatures, phrases and cadences, and fundamental harmony will all be covered.
The foundations of Western music theory are covered in this course, from the very fundamentals to some more complex ideas. This makes it the ideal school for both beginning musicians and more advanced players.


This course is all about Music Production with Logic Pro X, which is a music composition and production software for Mac OS X. Online music certificate programs including this have been made available by Udemy.

This music course is filled with information to help you master Logic Pro X and enhance your music production skills, with more than 50 hours of video.

Logic Pro X is the top Digital Audio Work Station for Apple Mac users, and it is utilized in professional studios and homes all over the world. Learning how to use your digital audio workstation correctly will significantly increase both the speed and quality of the music you compose.

Generally speaking, Online music certificate programs teach the basics of music production but this particular online certificate program covers topics such as recording, mixing tapes, and mastering music. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to produce their own music using Logic Pro X.

Online music certificate programs like this enable students to:

  • Learn how to configure and manage Logic Pro X so you can start using this incredible piece of software.
  • Import and browse Apple Loops to quickly create your own kinds of music.
  • Be able to effortlessly and quickly record and modify MIDI data in Logic Pro X.
  • In Logic Pro X, record your own sounds.
  • Avoid the frequent problems and blunders that other Logic Pro X users make in music production.
  • Learn about mixing and mastering to make your music sound more professional.
  • Explore ways to create your own track from the beginning.
  • Boost your fundamental music production abilities.

This course costs about $32.65 and you stand to enjoy lots of benefits. They include:

  • 51 hours of on-demand video
  • 11 articles
  • 17 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access to the course
  • Certificate of completion


This course made available on edX consists of six courses that will provide you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to grasp fundamental music theory.

You will hear from Berklee College of Music professor George W. Russell, Jr. and Berklee students who will provide their musical journeys and offer advice to others interested in studying music. Most of all, the training is intended to instill the love of making and sharing music with people.

The course is totally unlimited and accessible and costs just $49 USD alongside a digital certificate. Interesting and catchy right? There is more to these. Keep scrolling.


  1. Learning to Make Major and Minor Scales
  2. Recognizing, assessing, and singing intervals
  3. Ways to Determine a Song’s Tonal Center
  4. How to make fundamental major, minor, and dominant seventh chords
  5. How to Make a Common Chord Progression
  6. Recognizing blues and 32 Bars song types


The University of Sheffield which is one of the world’s top most renowned and reputable institutions has made some online certificate programs available and one of them is the course offered on FutureLearn which is ‘How to make a song, writing lyrics, and music.

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This course enables you to learn at your own speed and it is totally unlimited upon subscription and enrollment. Now there is goodness. This course is just about $28 USD and upon completion, you get granted a digital certificate

This course will provide you with extensive practical and theoretical information to help you get started.
The course’s objectives are to enable students to:

  • Use the concepts of meter and scansion to set words to rhythm.
  • Determine the components of a successful melody.
  • Explain the various chord forms and progressions utilized in popular tunes.
  • Describe the most prevalent song types and structures.
  • Investigate how songs can evolve as fresh lines and instruments are introduced to the accompaniment.
  • Mix these essential musical parts to create your own tune.

Students tend to work on and learn the following:

  1. Putting lyrics to music
  2. Pitch and schedule
  3. Making use of melody
  4. Chord and chord progression
  5. Form of songs
  6. Putting or merging your songs together

You will also have the opportunity to meet other students, exchange ideas, and discuss the procedure of composing your own song.


Music composition basics are taught in online music certificate programs for beginners. This online program made available by Skillshare provides an introduction to music theory.

It is designed for beginners and it is taught by a professional musician. The program provides video lectures and hands-on assignments that enable students to understand basic music theory.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to learn the three elements of music, which are rhythm, harmony, and melody, as well as the laws and principles that govern how music works.

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Here are some excellent lessons for you. You will learn how to:

1. Recognize and name all musical notes
2. Create major and minor scales beginning with any note.
3. Recognize and name the intervals between notes.
4. Make any major, minor, or reduced chord you choose.
5. Find the diatonic chords in a scale.
6. Make your own simple chord progression or examine one from a song.
7. Discover a piece of music’s key.


This is an online course offered by Berklee College of music on Coursera. It teaches the basics of jazz improvisation. Jazz improvisation is one of the online music certificate programs being offered and made available by institutions, colleges, and affiliate websites.

The course covers topics such as scales, chords, and improvisation techniques, and it’s suitable for beginners. The course also includes video lectures, hands-on assignments, and online quizzes. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to improvise jazz music.


Udemy is known as one of the websites that offer good online certificate programs. One of these online music certificate programs is the music theory comprehensive. This course covers a very long list of topics and it is 3 classes combined to form one. Some list of the topics covered includes naming octaves, keys, pitch, etc.

It is an online course aimed at the common individual who wants to transform their music theory (or music passion) into a useful talent. This class is ideal whether you are an active musician or an aspiring musician. Enrollment is available by clicking HERE

The following functionalities are provided in the class:

1. Music Theory Curriculum

2. 151 video lectures

3. 28 printable practice sheets (with explanation)

4. Access to a full network of music teachers through discounts

5. Participation in the class theory-learner community

6. After completing the course, you will receive a downloadable certificate.

There is good news. Enroll now to get discounts on other parts of the class (4-12)

Why enroll? Asides from the benefits listed above, this course is being sold by one of our best-selling music teachers, Jason Allen. He holds a Ph.D. and master’s in music and he is a university professor and an Ableton live certified trainer. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this offer.


This free course, as well as many other online certificate programs made accessible by The Open University on Open Learn, gives a broad introduction to how to comprehend a musical score, as well as insights into what professional musicians do with the notation included within it.

From simple recognizable melodies to a complete orchestral score, you’ll learn how to match the notation you see with the music you hear. Upon completion of this course, each student receives a participation certificate. This is the perfect course for you. You are not required to understand fundamental music theory or musical notation. Simply enroll and stroll your way toward musical comprehension.

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This course and many other online music certificate programs on electronic music production are being taught on MasterClass. This program is taught by the electronic music producer Deadmau5 and covers the basics of electronic music production including sound design, mixing, and mastering.

You will also get to learn how to make unique sounds and in fact, create your own music without having to spend millions on production. Where are my music lovers? Do not miss this lovely opportunity.


Yes, Berklee College of Music is accredited online.

Berklee Online is the online music school of Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Founded in 2001, Berklee Online provides courses, certifications, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs to students worldwide. The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) recognizes the institution.

There are lots of benefits.

Online Music Certificate Programs are simple and flexible methods to expand your musical knowledge or learn new abilities. Choose from various online music certificate programs given by renowned institutions and website experts targeted to different skill levels. One exciting thing again, you get to learn how to make unique musical sounds and even create your own songs without having to pay or spend millions on music production.

Music is an art form and cultural expression that is based on sound. Whenever you compose music, you express yourself through instruments, voice, or combined. Music is distinguished from speaking or erratic sounds by its reliance on pitch, dynamics, and rhythm. You may use music to convey a narrative, express yourself, make an observation about the world, or simply generate sounds that are entertaining or aesthetic. Musicians can create music alone or in bands. The term “music” can also refer to the written symbols that musicians use to assist them when playing instruments or singing.


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