10 Best 12-Week Certificate Programs Online

Many excellent educational institutions and academies offer 12-week certificate programs online. These online certificate programs are broad and cover a wide range of topics. You are not required to begin seeking a degree. If you want to improve your work, knowledge, and skills, and even gain a job promotion, this is the best article for you.

One important aspect of pursuing this 12-week certificate program online is that it is open to everyone. There will be no disruption due to family, job, or friend commitments. It allows you to start showcasing your talents very immediately after starting the classes, which increases your chances of being employed.

If these 12-week certificate programs online seem excessively long or rather too short, there is good news. Here is a list of additional programs that you could also consider: 4-week certificate programs online, and 8-week certificate programs online. Let’s begin by discussing what the certificate program is all about.

What Are Certificate Programs?

Here are the basic facts you should know about certificate programs in general:

  • A certificate program is a type of specialized education that is aimed to help you build or improve certain job skills. In certain circumstances, a certificate program is considered continuing education since it expands your understanding of a specific job or sector. In other circumstances, no prior education is required, and it might help you learn about a subject, profession, or career in order to seek relevant opportunities. Some certificate programs focus on career-heavy courses while others focus on traditional subjects like history.
  • Certificate programs are short-term training programs meant to help you learn a new skill or better understand a particular subject. The education in these programs is often topic-specific, and you may discover certificate programs for a wide range of academic disciplines, occupations, and professional fields. If you’re thinking about enrolling in a certificate program, it’s a good idea to understand more about what such a program entails.
  • Certificate programs are specialized educational programs that assist individuals in strengthening their job-related skills and certifying their knowledge in an area of specialty. A certificate, like a degree, can help you qualify for a job or advance in your existing employment.
  • Some certificate programs can assist you in developing the skills needed to transfer to a new profession or make additional income outside of typical work. These programs attempt to assist students who qualify for part-time or full-time jobs while also providing them with the necessary skills to flourish in their chosen industry. Throughout your career, you may participate in a variety of certificate programs to learn new skills and maybe even shift to a different profession. The program you select may differ based on your needs. Stay focused on this article and I guarantee, you would have a made-up mind.

List of Certification Programs Online

There are many certificate programs that you could consider applying for. The good news is that, unlike a degree program, a certificate program permits you to complete a course in a very short period of time and you still get to take yet another course. Let’s see the various programs we have:

  • Applied Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Human resource and management
  • Biotechnology
  • Journalism
  • Web Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Catering
  • Software developing
  • Project management
  • Data Analytics
  • Video game design
  • Fashion
  • Sciences
  • Management
  • Interior decoration
  • Information technology

Major Factors To Consider Before Choosing 12-Week Certificate Programs Online

Before choosing the best 12-week certificate program online, here are the major factors you must consider. These factors would in fact hasten and facilitate your decision making. Grab a glass of wine and a comfortable chair, and let’s dig in.


Many websites, online academies, and institutions offer online courses but still end up awarding fake certificates. So it would be wise to consider if the website or the online courses are credible or can be of great use now and in the future. Some trusted and credible websites or academies include: Udemy and Coursera

Affiliation with any Recognized Institution:

Consider whether the program is in affiliate with any recognized institute or academy that owns a credible website or page.

Area of Specialization

It is also wise to choose a course that is related to the one you have studied earlier on or even a course you are really interested in. Interest plays a major role in choosing certificate programs online. Never jump into something you lack interest in.

It would only make understanding the course difficult for you. Here is yet another sub-factor to consider. Ask yourself: “Can this program fill my need or goal?” If it can, and you have an interest in it, what’s keeping you waiting? Let it spark. You are on your way to getting certified.


Ask yourself this: Does this certificate program match my present education level? or is it rather too high or too low for me? Some certificate programs online permit those who might have acquired some level of degree while some permit any level of education. It is always important to note this factor before taking the 12-week certificate programs online.


Money hastens decisions. Online courses help students save money and still obtain a quality education without having to incur huge expenses. There are some online courses that are made available for students to apply for free or at a cheap rate. These courses still offer certificates after completion of the course and pave the way for a great professional pursuit. Thus it is advisable to consider and compare the fee rate of online courses you would want to apply for. Consider the cost and then go for what suits your budget.


It would also be wise to compare the offline and online curricula if they offer similar schemes and course content. This would also aid you when choosing 12-week certificate programs online.


Online courses have changing duration ranging from hours to weeks, from weeks to months, and from months to years. This depends on the certificate you want to get. 12-week certificate programs online give you in-depth knowledge, skill, and understanding of a particular course and then issue you a certification at the end of the course opening the door to bigger professional opportunities.


Is the online certificate program flexible enough? Would it allow you to learn at your pace rather than bombarding you? Just ask yourself these questions. Online courses are meant to be flexible, making learning easy and also allowing students to pursue their goals.

Online classes should allow students to attend live courses, record videos, save them, and even still have access to them at their own convenience. If these 12-week certificate programs online are really flexible then I think it is what you’ve been yearning for.

What Are the Benefits of Certificate Programs Online?

Just anybody can meet the requirements to apply for an online certificate program. It saves time and money than a degree program. Some of these advantages would be highlighted below. Keep scrolling and enjoy the interesting benefits that come from applying for an online certificate program.

Certificate programs online are affordable and cheap: This is one exciting thing that draws millions of students to this program. The course is open to the public. The online system is an avenue for saving because one does not have to worry about handouts, textbooks, bills, and dues as in an online institution. Everything you need is made available online. Quite cheap and less stressful right?

Certificate Programs Online are flexible: Students do not have to follow strict timetables as in an offline school. You are free to listen to a pre-recorded lecture, seminar, and audio repeatedly. In fact, you learn at your own pace. Another exciting benefit is that you can attend lectures anytime and anywhere even at work and in the comfort of your home. You do not have to quit your job or any other affair that keeps you engaged. You have to arrange your affairs and complete your coursework at any time of the day at your convenience.

Online certificate programs allow you to study any course or subject you desire. The classes are so interactive thus making learning easier and fun.

Online certificate programs pave the way for you to expand your career opportunities. The skills and knowledge you acquire can really go a long way in being of great benefit to you.

Certificate programs online allow you to utilize the knowledge and skills you gain immediately thereby making you effective and efficient.

How Much Do 12-Week Certification Programs Online Cost?

The price of online certificate programs varies depending on the type of certificate, the duration of the certificate, the school, and the course’s contents; public institutions and community colleges are often the most cost-effective alternative. 12-week certificate programs online costs range from $117-$297 USD. You can start with a 7-day free trial.

Computers or laptops are needed for online certificate programs, and they may be quite expensive. Nevertheless, you can substantially lower the price by buying a used or refurbished laptop. Furthermore, several institutions provide students without computers with one on loan.

Where Can I Find 12-Week Certificate Programs Online?

You can find the top 12-week certificate programs online on sites like those listed below.

10 Best 12-Week Certificate Programs Online and Offline

If you are looking to enroll in a 12-week certificate program online, this is most certainly the best article for you. The 12-week online certificate program is the easiest pathway to a better career and profession. Let’s find out the best programs online and offline including what they entail.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering is a well-paying 12-week certificate program online. These programs teach students how to create and sustain a career as a data engineer, with the purpose of assisting businesses in solving their most difficult challenges. These programs introduce students to the discipline of data engineering, encompassing topics like machine learning, systems engineering, and data science. Students gain hands-on experience with programming languages such as Python and R.

Web Designing

Web designs and user interfaces are created by web designers. They frequently start by creating wire-frames, and then use graphic design software to carry out their concept. A website or web pages may need to be entirely rebuilt by a web designer, or they may need to be updated.

They might or might not be responsible for the code necessary to bring a website to life. Some web designers can activate their designs without the help of a website developer since they are familiar with computer languages. when it comes to 12-week certificate programs online, it is the best.

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program is a 12-week certificate program online that will help you grow in your career. The program is intended to prepare you for positions as a Certified Nursing Assistant and is one of the finest methods to develop your healthcare profession.

This certificate program is suitable if you want to start a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. It provides you with all of the necessary abilities to get started in this profession and prepares you for an entry-level career with no experience. Experts will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and working in healthcare institutions. Believe me. It is among the best.

Event Organisation

Event planning is overseeing a project such as a conference, convention, expo, ceremony, team-building activity, party, or convention. Budgeting, establishing timelines, selecting and reserving event sites, obtaining permits, planning food, coordinating transportation, developing a theme, arranging for activities, selecting speakers and keynotes, arranging for equipment and facilities, managing risk, and developing contingency plans are all part of the process. They plan all aspects of meetings and conventions, from speakers and meeting locations to printed materials and audio-visual equipment.

Technician in Environmental Science

This certificate program will assist students in developing an awareness of concepts of environmental management and practices, as well as an understanding of the link between natural resources, human communities, and the environment. It is intended to give students with a strong foundation in environmental science and technology.

The certificate program will also assist students in developing abilities that employers in the sector require, such as problem-solving approaches, making choices, the ability to communicate, and basic computer skills.

Software Development

A software developer creates, manages, and tests computer programs. To be successful in this industry, you must be efficient at writing and implementing code. Java programming, Computer programming, automated testing, and SQL database are among the courses required. With these 12-week certificate programs online you can get jobs as a software developer which include computer systems analyst, IT Coordinator, Network Administrator, Systems architect, computer and information research scientist, software engineer, programmer, or web developer. These classes will teach you how to design and test programming programs.

Digital Marketing

This is excellent training for professionals such as brand managers, sales representatives, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media, and marketing analytics are all part of it.

There are numerous approved universities that provide these courses, some of which are staffed by industry experts to assist you in growing and achieving your goals as a digital marketer. You have taken the best step by looking at these 12-week certificate programs online. Indeed, they are the most important factors in a successful job. Apply right away.

Introduction to Statistics

In these 12-week certificate programs online, you will discover statistical thinking ideas that are necessary for learning from data and communicating insights. You will also be able to conduct exploratory data analysis, comprehend basic sampling concepts, and select relevant tests of significance for a variety of scenarios. You will discover the fundamental abilities required to study more advanced topics in statistical thinking and machine learning.

Introductory Computer Science

This online course is unique in that it is a self-paced course that teaches the fundamental concepts of computer science to students with no prior expertise. This means that no prior knowledge of computer science is required.

These 12-week certificate programs online will teach you how computers are used today. You learn the fundamentals of “computer code” without having to download or install any additional software. It is extremely simple to get started. With a browser and data, you can access this course.

Consumer Behaviour

These online courses cover basic economic topics, such as how people manage resources and respond to scarcity. Your emphasis would be on microeconomics (consumer and business behavior) and macroeconomics (large-scale economic factors such as national production, employment, inflation, and interest rates).

You will learn how to think like an economist and how a modern market economy works. You will learn about the elements that influence long-run growth and short-term fluctuations, allowing you to better comprehend how economics pertains to your daily life. What makes it more enticing? These 12-week certificate programs online require no prior knowledge of economics.


12-week certificate programs online are among the best available, especially if you lack the time or means to pursue a four-year degree. Certificate courses are available in practically every sector, including mechanics, electrical, real estate, business analytics, marketing, and computer-related and healthcare fields.

Depending on their area of specialization, students typically complete their online certificate studies in less than a year to three years. They can, however, enroll in as many courses as they choose, and there are no restrictions on the number of semesters they can take to complete the prerequisites.

Certification degrees are typically offered through open enrollment. Anyone can apply for a certification program in the selected discipline to obtain a skill set. Before registration, several schools may ask students to produce their completed GED or high school diploma. You might look at the prerequisites of the school you want to apply to.

You can experience the benefits of distance learning that an in-person institution does not provide with an online certificate program. Their schedule is adaptable, and they are cost-effective. You graduate faster and have more collaborative and networking possibilities.

Although the terms “diploma” and “certificate” are interchangeable, most people identify “diploma” with high school. A high school “diploma” is sometimes necessary for most employment, as is a college degree. It all depends on your chosen profession. When you evaluate the time, expense, and effort required for in-person classes, an online certificate program may be a good fit for you. The primary distinction between the two is that diploma programs are more extensive and need more time to complete. They are also available at community colleges and vocational schools.

To be honest, those with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree are more likely to earn a better wage than those with simply a certificate in a specific subject. Without a doubt, the better your educational degree, the more money you may expect to earn throughout the course of your career. However, most degree holders have an excessive amount of college loan debt, which reduces a person’s lifetime wages.

Shorter courses of 2 hours to 4 hours do not do well, but there are exceptions, and some topics do not require additional time to cover. Longer-form masterclass courses of 20 hours or more perform significantly better when employed. Some even take 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 8 weeks. You can also consider the 12-week certificate programs online in this article.

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