Best 10 Private Universities in Nigeria

There are many private universities in Nigeria some owned by the government and then some by private organizations and religious bodies, there are about 147 Private universities in Nigeria.

Decree No. 19 of 1984 prohibited the establishment of private universities but the law was later amended in Decree No. 9 of 1993 by the government, there were a lot of reasons responsible for the establishment of private universities in Nigeria which include; an increase in demand for admission and lots more.

This article will focus on the best private universities in Nigeria. Which private universities are the best in Nigeria?

Also, know that these private universities are located in different states of the country. It might also interest you to know the private universities in Lagos and private universities in Abuja.

List of Private Universities in Nigeria

Here is the list of the best universities in Nigeria:

#1. Covenant university

Location: Ota Ogun, Nigeria.

Year founded: 2002

School fees: 900,000 – 1,002,000

Covenant University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the undergraduate programs include the College of Engineering, College of Leadership and Development Studies, College of Management and Social Science, and College of Science and Technology.

In 2023, Covenant University earned a spot among 601-800 out of 1799 Universities ranked by the World University Ranking. It is also the best private university in Nigeria.

Covenant University is associated with a living faith church that David Oyedepo leads.

#2. Afe Babalola university

Location: Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

Year founded: 2009

School fees: 800,000- 2,500,000

Afe Babalola University also known as ABUAD, is a private university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs and they are the College of Law, College of Sciences, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Engineering, and College of Social and Management Sciences.

ABUAD has a high acceptance rate, it admits over 75% of its applicants.

#3. Godfrey Okoye university

Location: Enugu, Nigeria.

Year founded: 2009

School fees:311,000-670,000[per session]

This is the first school owned by a catholic diocese in Africa. It is named after the Reverend Father Professor Christian Anieke Godfrey Okoye. It has undergraduate and graduate programs in different courses.

Godfrey Okoye University provides quality education and upholds the Catholic Church’s values. It is an accredited University that has produced graduates who are outstanding in character.

#4. Babcock University

Location: Ogun State, Nigeria.

Year founded: 1999

School fees: 300,00-1,500,000

Babcock University is a Christian private university in Nigeria operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church Nigeria, the university was named after an American missionary, David. C . Babcock and the school was officially inaugurated on 20 April 1999.

Babcock University also seeks out financial aid to qualified students which includes full and partial scholarships.

Babcock University initially had only four schools but now has 8 schools and two colleges which include:

School of Social Science

School of Management Sciences

School of Science & Technology

School of Computing & Engineering Sciences.

School of Education and Humanities

School of Law & Security Studies

School of Nursing

School of Public & Applied Health

College of Health & Medical Sciences

College of Post Graduate Studies.

#5. Nile University of Nigeria

Location: Abuja, Nigeria.

Year founded: 2009

School fees: 1,300,000-2,975,000[per semester]

Nile University is a private university in Nigeria that was established in 2009 and started with three faculties and in the year 2014 it established its postgraduate schools. Currently, Nile University has over 9000 students with 43 undergraduate programs and 53 postgraduate programs.

Nile University also offers scholarships and discounts to undergraduate and postgraduate school students with certain rules applied.

In the year 2020, Nile University joined the Honoris United Universities network, the first and largest pan-African private higher education network.

#6. Bowen university

Location: Osun state, Nigeria.

Year founded: 2001

School fees: ₦201,900 – ₦2,270,000

Bowen University commenced academic activities on 4th November 2002 with 506 students and three faculties.

Bowen University is afflicted with the Baptist Mission of Nigeria.

Currently, the university has 7 colleges with 54 programs.

#7. Redeemer’s University

Location: Osun state, Nigeria.

Year founded: 2005

School fees: ₦582,000 – ₦1,447,000

Redeemer’s University is a private university in Nigeria that is affiliated with the Redeemed Christian church of Nigeria.

They have full and part-time undergraduate programs and post-graduate programs.

#8. American University of Nigeria

Location: Yola state, Nigeria

Year founded: 2003

School fees:  ₦1,221,000 – ₦3,551,200[per semester]

Atiku Abubakar founded AUN along with some academic and local leaders. This is the first American University in sub-Saharan Africa.

AUN currently has 7 schools for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

AUN also has scholarship programs to assist students who are qualified to get it.

#9. Landmark university

Location: Kwara state, Nigeria

Year founded: 2011

School fees: 320,000-675,000

This university is a private university aiming to raise leaders with skills and character to lead the world in meeting the needs of humanity.

Landmark University has 4 colleges: the College of Pure and Applied Science, the College of Engineering, the College of Agricultural Science, and the College of Business and Social Sciences.

#10. Skyline University

Location: Kano state, Nigeria

Year founded: 2018

School fees: ₦675,000 – N2,700,000

Skyline University is the first fully accredited university in Kano State and the second in the northwest region of Nigeria.

It currently has 5 schools: the School of Arts, Management and Social Sciences (SAMSS), the School of Science and Information Technology (SSIT), the School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS), the School of Legal Studies (SLS), and the School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS).

Skyline University also has a Centre of Continuous Learning which has 5 divisions: Skyline Language Centre, Centre for Executive Development, Center for Professional Development, Center for Re-boot and Boots Camp, and Future Digital Centre which meets the needs of the people for professional development.

How are Private Universities funded?

Private universities in Nigeria are funded through student school fees which makes tuition fees in private schools higher than those in public universities.

The school fees of different private universities vary based on location, facilities, reputation, and programs.

What is the first private university in Nigeria?

Igbinedion University is the first private university in Nigeria. It is located at Okada in Benin City Edo Nigeria. It was established on 10 May 1999 by Sir Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion.

The university is comprised of 7 colleges and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

School fee ranges from 500,000 to 4,000,000 and it only includes tuition fees, accommodation, and admin charges.

Visit the school website here.

Which private university is the cheapest in Nigeria?

Oduduwa University is the most affordable private university in Nigeria. It was established in the year 2009 and it is located in Ipetumodu, Osun state. The university was named Oduduwa after the progenitor of the Yoruba people.

It comprises 4 colleges which are the College of Environmental Design and Management, the College of Natural and Applied Science, the College of Management and Social Sciences, and the College of Engineering and Technology.

School fees range from 170,000 -350,000.

Visit the school website here



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