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Top 50 Cheapest college textbook websites for Download | Top 50 Cheap College Textbook Websites

Reading they say is the best habit one needs to incorporate to become a leader which is true because the more you read, the more you garner broader knowledge on different subjects, and knowledge they say is power.

Reading most times can be difficult when there are few or no books that can be afforded by the masses. Having discovered this huge challenge that can deter people who possess the zeal for reading from reading, worldstudyhub decided to make a well comprehensive research, especially for college students of the cheapest college textbook websites where they can get cheap textbooks for study seamlessly and hassle-free.

What are Online Textbooks sellers and buyers?

These are individuals or platforms who engage in the act of selling and buying textbooks in digital form.

Online textbook sellers are individuals, organizations, or online platforms that offer e-textbooks for sale or rentals. These platforms allow users to browse, purchase and access their e-textbooks seamlessly online.

Online textbook buyers on the other hand, are students or individuals who purchase or rent e-textbooks from individuals, organizations, or online platforms who sell or rent them for their educational needs.

Where can I download college textbooks for free?

Various websites offer their textbooks for free, you can download these textbooks in the form of pdf or read them right there on the websites. We have made a comprehensive list of these websites for easy access.

How do I get college textbooks online?

To get college textbooks online, you can follow these steps to ease your search:

Check with dedicated textbook websites

Many websites offer varieties of new and used textbooks you can choose from. You can search on websites like Better World Books, Ebay, Amazon, Chegg, Abebooks for specific titles, authors, and ISBNs to find the textbook you need.

Inquire from your Professors

Your professors can have the key to your search, they have been in the field of education for long and can have a broader knowledge of the sources where you can get digital copies of the textbooks you need.

Most e-textbooks websites offer rental services where students can borrow textbooks for a stipulated amount of time and return them after reading. You can search for your desired textbooks on these websites to see if they are available and rent them to read. These websites are not limited to Chegg, Campus Book Rentals, BookFinder, Amazon, and TextbookRush.

Check with online textbook rental services

Check with e-book platforms

Some online platforms like Apple Books, Google Books, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes offer e-book versions of many college textbooks. You can search for the titles of your desired textbooks on these platforms.

Join online student groups

There are many online communities like social media groups related to your field of study where you can ask for recommendations on where to get digital textbooks or see if someone is willing to give out, sell, or rent out their textbooks.

Ways to find the cheapest college textbooks online

Finding cheap college textbooks can be difficult most times but knowing where and how to find them can go a long way in making the search less stressful. Let’s look at the different ways you can ease the stress of searching for your cheapest college textbooks.

  • Check with online textbook retailers and compare the prices to know which suits your budget.
  • Talk to your Professors.
  • Renting textbooks is cost friendly than buying them, so you should consider renting instead of buying them.
  • Sign up for a membership on platforms like and where you can subscribe monthly with a little amount of money and read unlimited books until your subscription expires.

Where are the best places to buy books for college?

When buying books for college, you should consider the best places that can offer you cost-friendly and influential books. A place that has exactly the kind of book you’re looking for coupled with the right syllabus.

The best places you can buy books for college are outlined as follows:

  • Better World Books
  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble

What does it mean to rent a textbook?

To rent a textbook means to borrow it for a particular time frame. It has proven to be more cost-friendly than buying the textbook outright, especially for anyone who would need it for a stipulated period of time.

Before renting a textbook, an agreement must be reached to return the textbook after reading it.

List of Cheapest college textbook websites

Here is a comprehensive list of the cheapest college textbook websites

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Books Run
  • Chegg
  • ValoreBooks
  • Wikibooks
  • CampusBooks
  • Barnes and Noble
  • AbeBooks
  • Perlego
  • Better World Books
  • ThriftBooks
  • Alibris
  • Scribd
  • BookFinder
  • SlugBooks
  • BiggerBooks


Amazon is well known for its marketplace collection of varieties of books including college textbooks both used and new. Its marketplace allows individuals and third-party sellers list their books for sale.

Amazon Kindle which is a subsidiary of the company and is only meant for book sales can be a viable option when searching for a cheap college textbook either in hard cover which can be shipped to your location or e-book.

When searching for college textbooks on Amazon, you can specify the condition (new or used), edition, and whether you prefer to buy or rent so as to ease the stress of searching.


This is another popular online marketplace where you can get cheap college textbooks both new and used for sale. Sellers on eBay usually have competitive textbook prices and provide a platform for bidding on readers, which can potentially result in even lower prices if you win an auction.

To ease the stress of searching for a particular kind of book on ebay, you can specify your search using the author’s name, ISBN, edition, and condition.

Books Run

This is an online marketplace that allows you to buy, rent and sell college e-textbooks both used and unused. All you have to do is visit their website to get started.


This website provides both physical textbooks and e-textbooks providing options for different preferences. Here, students can buy or rent textbooks at competitive prices.

It also provides a subscription-based service known as Chegg Study where students can have access to textbook solutions, expert Questions and Answers, and other study materials.


At ValoreBooks, students are given the chance to buy or rent cheap textbooks from over 18,000 verified sellers and rental providers who compete to provide textbooks at the lowest prices.

One of the amazing things about this website is that it lets students sell their textbooks at the highest buyback prices online.

Barnes and Noble

This is a well-known online marketplace that offers used and new cheap college textbooks for sale. Barnes and Noble periodically offer sales, discounts, and promotions on college textbooks, especially during the beginning of a semester.

Easily shop on their website by author, ISBN, or title to find exactly what you need.


AbeBooks is an online marketplace that is famous for selling used textbooks and helps students buy cheap college textbooks online.

They offer a wide range of cheap college textbooks (new, used, and rare) from various sellers and they ship the textbooks straight to the buyers.


This is a website where students can subscribe to and get unlimited access to college textbooks and they may offer promotions and discounts for new and existing subscribers occasionally.


This website is one of the cheapest college textbook websites that helps college students find the cheapest new and used textbooks by simultaneously searching on other textbook websites.

You can find textbooks and compare textbook prices on this website using ISBN or title and author.

This website offers students with cheap college textbooks and buybacks where students can sell their used textbooks back to the company.

Cheapest places to buy college textbooks

As a student looking for the cheapest places to buy college textbooks, you can consider these options:

  • Local bookstores
  • Library Resources
  • Websites that offer textbook rental services
  • College Forums or bulletin boards

Websites to buy or rent the cheapest college textbooks in digital form


Is it cheaper to buy textbooks online?

Yes, buying textbooks online from the cheapest college textbook websites can often be cheaper than buying them from a physical store since there’s no printing cost attached to them.

Which website is best for cheap textbooks?

According to research, there is not a single website that is generally known to be the cheapest college textbook website due to the fact that prices can vary depending on the specific textbook, edition, and condition. But there are many websites that are widely known for offering the cheapest college textbooks.

What is the cheapest way to get college textbooks?

The cheapest way to get college textbooks is by buying or renting used textbooks from the cheapest college textbook website options.

What website pays the most for used textbooks?

When it comes to the website that pays the most for used textbooks, no website is singularly known for that because there are different websites that offer good money for used textbooks and these websites are not limited to:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble
  • TextbookRush
  • BooksRun
  • eBay
  • ValoreBooks and a host of others

Will I be refunded if I return a book?

Yes, but the refund policies can vary depending on the website from which you purchased the book. So, it is usually important to study the website’s return policy before making a purchase.

How do I get a textbook after buying or renting it?

You can get your textbook via various means like e-book download, Physical delivery, and in-store pickup.

Can I write or highlight in rental textbooks?

Since rental textbooks are textbooks that would be returned after reading, it is advisable not to make excessive writing, highlighting, and markings in them. However, most rental services have specific guidelines regarding writing, highlighting, and marking in rental textbooks.

Cheapest College Textbook Websites


The advent of Cheap college textbook websites has made it possible for students to cut down on expenses incurred during textbooks purchase.

Students can choose from varieties of websites that offer buying, rentals, and buyback options.


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