10+ Online Tools to Check if Content is Written by AI Tool

An AI detection tool is a smart program designed to identify and recognize AI in any article, blog, or any other important stuff. These tools use algorithms to look at details and figure out what they mean. AI checkers tell if something was written by a human or an AI.

When humans write, they use their own thoughts and knowledge. Their writing usually makes sense and flows well. AI creates writing using patterns they have installed. These tools put words together in ways a human may not. AI content detection tools spot these differences. These tools are becoming very important as AI writing increases.

Importance of AI Content Detectors

AI checker tools have become very important lately. As AI writing tools get better at writing content like human-written. It is also important to tell if something was written by a person or a machine. Sometimes, AI could write fake reviews or news stories that look real but are full of lies. 

So tools like AI checker help people to find writing that aims to mislead. They protect people from believing false information from AI systems. AI content checkers also stop AIs from doing things only humans should, like making legal documents. These tools make sure human skills and efforts get recognized properly.

How to Select the Best Tools to Detect AI Content?

With many AI detection tools out there, picking the right one can be tough. Here’s what to think about when choosing:

  • The tool should be good at finding AI plagiarism content without making many mistakes. For example, GPTZero is really accurate, catching AI-written text 98% of the time.
  • AI detectors should explain clearly how it knows if something was made by AI. This includes saying what methods it uses, like checking numbers or using special computer programs. For example, OpenDet tells us exactly how it works so we can trust it.
  • The tool should keep getting better as AI technology improves. It should learn new tricks to spot AI-made content. For instance, GLTR keeps getting updates to stay on top of AI tricks.

  • Choose an AI detector that allows you to adjust your content according to your requirement. For example, if you care a lot about grammar, you can set it to pay extra attention to that. This customization helps you get the most relevant information for your content.
  • Think about an AI tool that looks at all your past analyses and helps you see trends that could make your content better. It also gives you reports to show how well your content-making is going. These reports help you understand how good your content-making process is.

10+ Online Tools to Check if Content is Written by AI Tool

Here are the top 10 online tools that would help you in detecting AI in content and make your content plagiarism-free:

1. Winston AI

Winston AI helps you to figure out if a text was written by a person or a machine. It has a simple dashboard that anyone can understand. It not only tells you if your text is human written but also checks for AI generated content. You can use it with different types of files like documents or pictures. 

Online Tools to Check if Content is Written by AI Tool

Even if your text is in handwriting or an image, Winston AI can still read it using fancy technology. This detector is great for writers, teachers, and website owners. Winston AI is accurate, with a success rate of 99.6%. 

Winston AI provides a unique feature that utilizes color coding to differentiate between content written by humans or by AI. This functionality is available for texts in English and French, but soon it is going to support additional languages in the near future.

Pricing Plan 

Winston AI provides various pricing options for different user requirements. 

  • Free basic plan
  • Essential plan cost is $12 per month
  • Advance plan costs $19 per month

2. AI Content Checker

The AI Checker is a simple online tool that uses smart technology to figure out if something was written by a person or a computer. It looks at things like how the words are put together and the style of writing.

AI checkers have the feature of giving a score from 1 to 100 to show how computer-generated content is. Plus, it can create a PDF report that you can download and easily share with others. Overall, it’s a handy tool for anyone curious about the origins of written content or looking to adjust their writing style.

3. Monica

Monica is a user-friendly online tool designed to detect AI-generated content with ease. It expertly examines the structure and flow of text to determine if it was crafted by a human or an artificial intelligence.

Monica provides a clear rating between 1 to 100, indicating the likelihood of AI involvement in the content. Additionally, it offers the convenience of generating a downloadable PDF report, making it simple to share the findings.

This tool is incredibly useful for those interested in identifying the source of written material or for those seeking to refine their own writing methods.

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4. AI Detector

The AI content detector is a tool you can use online. It uses smart computer programs and learning machines to look at your writing. It can figure out if your writing was done by a person or a computer program. is here to make your life easier. This amazing tool can detect AI plagiarism. Its algorithms help recognize the content. Simply paste your text, and you’ll receive results in a few minutes.

It doesn’t only identify AI-generated writing; it also checks for repetitive phrases or overly long sentences created by machines. Additionally, it provides a score to indicate its confidence level.

5. GPTZero

GPTZero is a tool created by Princeton student Edward Tian to identify AI-generated content, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4. It uses advanced algorithms to differentiate between human and AI writing.

The tool offers several features like it highlighting AI-generated text within a piece of writing, making it easier to identify and address. 

Additionally, GPTZero provides a Chrome extension called Origin,  Users can also generate human writing reports to see the balance between human and AI contributions in their text.

Moreover, the tool calculates perplexity scores to indicate the level of AI similarity in the content, with higher scores suggesting more human-like writing

Pricing Plan

  • Essential Plan: For $10 a month
  • Premium Plan: For $16 a month
  • Professional Plan: For $23 a month

6. AI Detector

The AI checker is made for teachers, writers, or publishers who care about ensuring that writing is genuine. Schools can use it to ensure students follow rules honestly, while publishers can ensure their writing is both high-quality and original for better performance.

AI content checkers come with several useful features. Firstly, it boasts high accuracy in detecting AI content. This AI checker designed a user-friendly interface. This detector helps in recognizing similarity in just a few seconds.

7. WriteHuman 

WriteHuman is a straightforward online tool created to help people write more like humans, even when using AI. It focuses on making your text sound natural and human-like.

WriteHuman analyzes your writing and gives suggestions on how to make it sound more like it was written by a person. This tool is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure their AI-assisted writing feels genuine and personal.

It’s particularly helpful for writers, marketers, and anyone else looking to maintain a human touch in their digital communications.

8. AIContentfy

AIcontentfy is an accessible online tool created to identify AI-generated text. It efficiently scans written content and assesses whether it’s likely made by AI or a human.

AIcontentfy provides an easy-to-understand analysis, helping users determine the origin of their text. This tool is particularly useful for individuals and businesses who want to ensure the authenticity of their content.

Whether you’re a writer, educator, or marketer, AIcontentfy offers a straightforward way to check for AI involvement in any piece of writing, ensuring the integrity and originality of your work.

9. Smodin

Smodin is a user-friendly online tool specifically designed for detecting AI-created content in the world of business. It offers an intuitive way to analyze text, pinpointing whether it was composed by a machine or a human.

Smodin provides detailed insights, helping businesses understand the extent of AI involvement in their content. This is especially valuable for companies aiming to maintain authenticity in their communication.

With Smodin, you can easily check the originality of written material, making it an essential tool for businesses that prioritize genuine and human-centric content.

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AISEO is a cutting-edge online tool tailored for navigating the challenges of AI detection in written content. It’s designed to assist in crafting text that seamlessly bypasses AI content detectors, ensuring your writing retains a human touch.

AISEO analyzes your work and offers guidance on making it appear more naturally human-authored. This tool is particularly beneficial for content creators, marketers, and writers who use AI assistance but want to maintain a personal and authentic feel in their communication.


AI content detection tools play a crucial role in identifying and showing the difference between human and AI-generated content.

As AI writing technology advances, these tools become more important in protecting information and making sure that human efforts can be recognized. 

Selecting the right tool is also a very important step while you are using any AI checker. Ensure its accuracy, adaptability, and analytical capabilities to enhance content creation effectively.


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