Online Tools That Help Students Get More Work Done in Less Time 

7 Online Tools That Help Students Get More Work Done in Less Time

The productivity levels of students are now higher than ever, owing to the inexorable advancements in assistive tools. The extremely customized study plans and preparation techniques offered by these tools make them such great utilities. These tools help students to accomplish a great number of tasks in a minimal amount of time. 

Some people argue that these tools are snatching away students’ ability to study properly. This might actually be the case for a few students. But it all depends upon how one utilizes these tools.

If you think of these tools as shortcuts to success, then you might harm yourself academically. However, if you see them as productivity enhancers, then they can be of great use.

List of Online Tools That Help Students Get More Work Done in Less Time 

We have compiled a list of online tools that can effectively enhance your productivity in academic matters. We will explain the working of these tools along with their effect on time management and their pricing.

  1. Online Notepad

An Online Notepad is a tool that allows students to write assignments, essays, and any other sort of written work. It is an excellent alternative to paid writing software that offers similar services but has pricey subscriptions. 

This tool can be used on the browser and can also be downloaded as an application on Windows, iOS, and Android. It has all the optimization options that are required to structure a professional-looking and well-formatted document. 

How Does an Online Notepad Save Time?

First of all, this tool’s accessibility is exceptional. You can use this tool right after landing on the website. No account setup is required. In other words, this tool is relatively more time-efficient when used for the first time. 

Secondly, if the students don’t use this utility, they might be forced to complete assignments using the traditional pen and paper. As we all know, this process is much more time-consuming. So, this is also a case where Online Notepad can be of great use.

  1. Image to Text

Image to Text is an OCR tool that converts text present inside an unalterable image into a selectable and editable format. In other words, it extricates or retrieves text from an image. This text can be copied and pasted as required by the user.

Online Tools That Help Students Get More Work Done in Less Time 

This has applications in the academic industry as well. Several institutions have adopted the practice of teaching with the help of digital slides and documents. Extracting information from such slides can prove very beneficial for students. Moreover, this tool also works for handwritten content.

How Does Image-to-Text Save Time?

To explain this, let’s suppose a hypothetical situation: 

  • You skipped a day at school, so now you have to borrow your fellow’s notebook to copy written notes. You realize that the notes are too much and will take a lot of time to copy. To save time in this situation, you can use Image to Text to extract the text from the image of your classmate’s notes.

In this way, you can skip the lengthy process of manually writing stuff down by looking at those notes. The time that would’ve been used just for writing can now be utilized for reviewing and memorizing those notes instead. This shows how productivity can be enhanced.

  1. Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an NLP-powered AI chatbot that can provide written solutions to any problem that is inserted into it. This has become increasingly popular among students as they can get new and innovative ideas from this tool to use in their assignments.

But unfortunately, some students are using this tool for cheating or copying content. That is why the use of this tool is a bit controversial. However, if used for the right reasons, this tool can be an efficient productivity booster. 

How Does Chat GPT Save Time?

Chat GPT can provide lengthy or detailed answers to anything that is asked. You can capitalize on this ability of the tool to let it write content about certain topics. For example, if you are assigned to write a lengthy essay on the topic “Marine Life,” you can ask Chat GPT to do so.

  • Ethical Consideration: It is not ethical to completely copy and paste the Chat GPT-generated content. It must only be used to get ideas. You can also utilize this tool to create an outline of the essay mentioned above. In this way, you can utilize this powerful tool without breaking any moral barriers.
  1. Todoist

Todoist is a task management tool that is especially popular among young students. A vast majority of students find themselves wasting time or not completing tasks on time. An online study claims that 70% of students consider themselves ‘procrastinators’ and have poor time management.

An effective solution to this is provided by the tool under discussion. It uses all different types of techniques to help you keep up with your schedule. It can do so by,

  • Reminding you of important tasks
  • Letting you set the priority of multiple tasks.
  • Breaking large projects into subtasks

And much more. These techniques are extremely useful in terms of task management.

How Does Todoist Save Time?

Even structuring a schedule can be a task that requires great motivation. Hence, following it can be even harder. To simplify this task, Todoist has provided a digital solution to save both time and effort.

But how does this save time? Well, it does. First of all, manually writing or typing down a schedule is a time-consuming task. Secondly, following a manually structured schedule requires you to look at it continuously or memorize it. Whereas, if you use the online tool, all you have to do is create a schedule, and it will make sure to remind you what is due and when it is due.

  1. Check-Plagiarism

Check-plagiarism is a duplication detection tool that makes sure your content is original and distinctive. Many institutions have strict policies against plagiarized assignments. So, to make sure that you stay safe from penalties, you should always check for plagiarism in your content.

The good thing about this tool is that some of its features are available completely for free. Therefore, you won’t have to spend money if you only want to check brief assignments. With deep search and sentence-based checking, the tool offers highly accurate plagiarism reports.

How Does Check-Plagiarism Save Time?

To explain this, once again, we have to assume a situation. 

  • Let’s say you wrote an excellent essay and submitted it to respected authorities. After your work is checked, you come to know that there was a large percentage of plagiarism in it. As a result, your teacher rejects your work and asks you to write again.

This whole situation could have been dodged if you just used the Check-Plagiarism tool. All you had to do was insert your content, and it would’ve shown the exact sentences that were plagiarized. You could either remove or edit these sentences to make your essay completely plagiarism-free, and the need for rewriting would be eliminated.

  1. Grammar Check

Grammar Check is an assignment optimization tool that lets you pinpoint grammatical flaws in your writing. Even if you have a decent knowledge of grammatical conventions, there can still be instances where you accidentally write incorrect sentences.

You might:

  • Spell Words incorrectly
  • Use the wrong tense.
  • Make incorrect use of punctuation.

That’s why as a preventative measure, you should always proofread your work, preferably with an online tool such as this one. Grammar Check has tons of promising features that ensure the detection of mistakes. Additionally, accurate replacements for these mistakes are also given.

How Does Grammar Check Save Time?

Grammar Check is an improved alternative to manual proofreading. When reviewing lengthy essays by yourself, you might have to look at the same sentence multiple times to make sure it is accurate. On the contrary, the Grammar Check tool can give you results within seconds.

Important Note:

However, it is still advised not to depend too much on such tools and also to perform manual proofreading to some extent. Try to find an adequate balance between these two and leverage the best of both worlds. 

  1. Calculator School

Calculator school is a nonpareil online utility in terms of online calculators. We say this because of the variety it offers in the types of different tools. You can get a rough idea of this variety by looking at the following image of this tool’s landing page:

All these different options are available so that students from all fields can take advantage of them. Everything from algebra to chemistry and everyday conversions can be done with the help of this tool. 

How Does Calculator School Save Time?

This tool is especially useful for students who have math majors or even students who are studying math as one of their subjects. Manually performing lengthy calculations is a long and time-consuming process. 

To speed up this process, you can either use Calculator School or use a physical calculator. The physical calculator option can work in some cases, but it doesn’t provide the same number of options as the tool under discussion. In any case, you should consider using at least one of these two as they are extremely efficient in saving time.


The use of online tools by students is still relatively new. However, even in such early stages, these tools show incredible features. By far, the most prominent feature of these tools is how they save time for students and let them be more productive. 

Keeping this feature in mind, we have provided a list of tools that do it best. If you also want to exploit such tools, you can consult the list given above. Our advice is not to waste any more time and find the best tool for yourself to improve your academic performance.


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